Why Everything You've Been Told About Meat, Fat & Cholesterol is Wrong

Fact: Inflammation Causes Heart Disease

“Atherosclerosis is not caused by dietary fats and cholesterol; it is caused by chronic out-of-control inflammation.”

“When we have a high blood cholesterol level it means that the body is dealing with some damage. The last thing we should do is interfere with this process! When the damage has been dealt with, the blood cholesterol will naturally go down. If we have an ongoing disease in the body that constantly inflicts damage, then the blood cholesterol will be permanently high. So, when a doctor finds high cholesterol in a patient, what this doctor should do is to look for the reason. The doctor should ask, ‘What is damaging the body, so the liver has to produce all that cholesterol to deal with the the damage?’ Unfortunately, instead of that, our doctors are trained to attack the cholesterol.”

—Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, Put Your Heart in Your Mouth